If you like my content - that's exactly what you can do. One on one is a unique experience tailored for you.
It's not for everyone. I'm tough and direct and you need to be ready to be more of you and take responsibility. I see you. I will not let hide you behind BS beliefs or victim hood. Also, I know how much you went through, how hard it was, and how much care, love and compassion you deserve.
Sometimes you read an incredible book, you feel seen, it makes so much sense and answers your most heartfelt questions. You think… if only I could speak with the author, ask more… discuss this and that.
Step into who you are
is what I call it in a nutshell.
I took me years of training, research, and counseling experience to define common trauma themes, get to the core, break it down, and test the techniques. Besides the fact, I looove what I do, and the process of it,
I want you to experience what my clients and I've been practicing: it doesn't have to take years and years of research, therapy, and soul searching to change what pains you.

I'm here to structure complicated psychological concepts into simple and effective. So busy bees like you can move away from feeling cut off, exhausted, overwhelmed (with fun and support!). And kick-ass, making their unique way of life and contribution happen.

My aim is to help you:

  • take on "feeling myself" vibes
  • make resilience your partner in crime (always there when you need her)
  • befriend 'overthinking dragon'
  • win over 'oh no, I haven't done enough' and 'is it my fault?" monsters
  • wave long overdue bye-bye baby to emotional exhaustion and emptiness

Ultimately I want you to love your life, be seen and appreciated, stay your soulful passionate self while remaining an ambitious badass you're.

If you feel stuck, cut off, small or invisible in spite of everything you've achieved
you're exactly in the right place.
There's no doubt you can do it on your own.

My job is to nudge you along, save you years of soul-searching, money, and emotional energy.

I've helped thousands of strong, ambitious, sensitive badasses achieve even more amazing results through my programs & one-on-one. And I want that for you - more meaning abundance, joy, money and time.
Can't wait,
I want you to get back to you.
And I can help you get there, and heal.
Get in touch below with your best phone number or email, my team or I will get in touch as soon as possible with details on availability!
Starting at 2899£ per month
with full support in between calls
I've created a successful business (and failed more than once before)
Moved three countries and built abundant life here, in London our of literally nothing
Struggled with burn out that physically put me in bed for almost a year and recovered (don't worry I wrote all the steps down)
Battled choosing between social work and making money (turns out, "the choice" was programmed in us - I'll help you connect both and have energy for yourself)

Just a few facts...
Whether you join me or not, I'm excited you're making this step for you. You deserve healing and more support.

There're tons of great free resources to start with on Art Of The Mind and I can't wait to continue this journey with you!